Corporate Information

Sorbe Technologies (Thai) Company Ltd manufactures and formulates a wide range of speciality auxiliaries and enzymes for the Textile Processing Industry with a commitment to offer value.

The Sorbe Innovation & Technology department works in synergy with the needs of the market, so as to continuously evolve Technically Advanced & Ecologically acceptable products and incorporate innovative technologies to deliver solutions that perform. An integral part of our concept of a Total Solution System is the Application Laboratory, Customer Support Activities and the Training Centre, which helps us in efficient customer management. With our excellence in Innovation and Application Development, we offer value proposition by recommending the Sorbe System for improved quality standards. In addition, Sorbe has the flexibility to provide custom designed products to meet specific requirements.

Our Registered Trademarks

Sorbe ®

Sobiliser ®

Sorbecid ®

Soburst ®

Sorbefix ®

Sorbefluid ®

Ecotreat ®

Sorbequest ®

Sorbestat ®

Primaproof ®

Sorbecol ®

Sorbenz ®

Sorbelon ®

Primafin ®

Safety & Environment

Sorbe Technologies (Thai) Company Ltd. recognises the potential health and safety of all the employees involved in its operations, of its customers and the protection of the environment in which it operates as an increasingly important aspect.

Environmental Concerns are gaining importance world wide. At Sorbe, it is our endeavour to ensure complete environmental protection and safety measures.

Sorbe offers environmentally acceptable products for the Textile processing industry across the globe. The Sorbe products coupled with its highly experienced Technical Team help the Processing Industry in optimising the ecological profile.

Social Commitment

Sorbe Technologies (Thai) Company Ltd. is committed to contribute to the society by approaching and assisting Educational Institutions to upgrade their infrastructure for providing improved facilities to the students and creating an excellent environment for better individual development and for enhanced performance.

Sorbe also supports social organisations, which have broad aims of improving the human quality, lives of women, youth and children living in the slums of Mumbai, by giving Free Training to small entrepreneurs in slum areas, who deal in Textiles, to upgrade their skills, for improving the quality standards of their products and to generate more business.

Sorbe is also playing a leading role in extending support to the physically handicapped people.