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Sorbe was established in early 2001. Series of High performance Textile Chemicals were launched in Indian and global markets. Sorbe has evolved from being an emerging leader in Textile chemicals, to a comprehensive solution provider by offering value. Sorbe is today synonymous with Quality and Technology at the Right Price Performance Ratio. Driven by highly experienced team of Scientists, Technologists and Marketing Professionals, Sorbe has continuously developed newer state of the Art Products, Innovative Technologies and Delivered solutions that perform. An integral part of our concept of Total Solution System in our Application lab, Technical Service Center and Customer Support activities. Skilled personnel at the manufacturing facility implement advanced production techniques that exceed the most exacting demands of our customers. The Manufacturing is further exemplified by our strong Innovation and Technological capabilities. The I & T department works in synergy with the needs of the Market, so as to continuously deliver Technologically advanced, high performance products.

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Sorbe Technologies (Thai) Company Ltd manufactures and formulates a wide range of speciality auxiliaries and enzymes for the Textile

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Safety & Environment

Sorbe Technologies (Thai) Company Ltd. recognises the potential health and safety of all the employees involved in its operations, of

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Social Commitment

Sorbe Technologies (Thai) Company Ltd. is committed to contribute to the society by approaching and assisting Educational Institutions

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Sorbe Manufacturing Competencies Are

Wetting agents, Detergents.
Wetting agents, Softeners, spin finishes.
Washing off agents, speciality finishes.
Softeners, Dye fixers.
Acid buffers and others.
Cellulase and alpha amylase.

Other Manufacturing Competencies Are

  • Focus on creating NEW products and tailor making products as per need of customer by in - house Research and Development.
  • In house quality checks both for Raw Materials and Finish Products.
  • High Level of Technical Service for trouble Shooting and After Sales Promotion.
  • Capable of Creating NEW APPLICATION TECHNIQUE for offering Value Proposition.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Zero Effluent and Categorised as Green Plant.

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